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Prospecting Optimization

 It's no secret that vendor days move the daily needle. During my time as a direct producer processors territory manager and 1099 sales representative, I found 2 things for certain; Prospecting and Farming are equally important in our industry! If I could clone myself and do the same amount of vendor days or budtender educational events as I did store visits, I would.

Unfortunately, we don't have enough hours in the day, to dedicate towards both.
 Lyft'D Left Solutions will provide support to facilitate faster and more responsive relationships with stores, specifically key accounts. We are also positioned to streamline increased sales volume, as well as cultivating improved brand and store awareness.
 We sit down with you as a client to learn and understand everything that makes you, YOU. Essentially everything that you would want all budtenders, or anyone talking about your product too knows about you. 
We are dedicated to providing value to our partners. Whether it's providing time to handle the whirlwind of LCB changes that seem oh so consistent, focusing on bigger picture ventures for your company, or just getting back to why you starting in I502 in the first place...GROWING CANNABIS!
Whatever the reason is, Lyft'D Left Solutions is here to help.

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